We went to church on Monday.

The professor told us in most Canadian church weddings,

bride’s mother will light the candles and then bride and ¬†groom will grab one of ¬†candles in each side , lighting the centre candle.)

I finished my last day work at college on last  Friday.

From that moment on Friday, my green keyring holds only one key.

He’s alone.

So do I.

I was late for work again last Tuesday.

Just few minutes.

The room ‘s light was off but the music from computer is on.

They ¬†pretend the didn’t know I was late : )

But they used to remind me do not be late for work. Always.

Get your coffee and bagel before 8 am.

I asked them if I could come at 9am on Friday

I want to make sure I won’t be late in my last day.

And I didn’t.

But the time sheet they didn’t change.

And then I told them .

I signed a lease today.

I am thinking to have a small studio in my future one bedroom apartment.

I  used to  think having my own business is far away from me

right now still

But just give  myself a chance

want to close to what I care