I was painting the wall in the gallery today.

It’s my first time.

I like it.

I told her that if I was an psychologist, I will suggest them to do painting.

I felt so peaceful when I was doing the painting.

It’s probably because that when you see the wall being pure again,

you feel like that everything has gone away.

New, fresh and clean.

I said that I want to find a job that I can painting the wall.

She said yes you will be a painter or photographer.

Yes I think it’s so amazing when I saw some artists painting in a big wall.

Just now I was doing the translation  for my  landlord.

She’s making an application for her husband’s immigration.

I am not good at doing translation or whatever

but when she said she just need someone to translate the words  behind the photos,

which are used for showing their relationship.

Then I feel so interested^_^

I just think about that

If I had chance to photograph the engagement session for any couples

will they be interested in this way?

Having some words behind the photos?

Or they just bring me back to any places that are so meaningful to them

and then ask me to shoot them in the same places again?

Where they first met where they first dating where they first kissed where she said yes…

She said writing journals is a good way to keep the relationship

because when you read those words you will want to cherish what you’ve done together

in past and right now.


If you could paint your memory, you will love her forever. I think.

If I was a writer,


She’s ok me to photograph and post : )


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